NKU Catholic Newman Center


Welcome to the Catholic Newman Club at Northern Kentucky University! We are a community of like-minded Catholic individuals striving for sainthood and helping each other along the way.

What's new

Summer events!

We're going to be at the Summer Tailgate on July 27th, look for us in the Rec Center! We will also be at FreshFusion (during the 3-day orientation), so make sure to stop by!

Additionally, we're working on plans for a “Welcome Week”, so stay tuned!

Our Chapel

Our new chapel!

During the Fall 2016 semester, we ran into an unusual dillema: we had a surge in membership, and we could no longer fit all of the members in our chapel for Mass every week! So during the winter break, several of us moved the chapel to a larger room in the basement of the Newman house.

The new chapel can support many more members and has the potential to be expanded further in the future.