NKU Catholic Newman Center


Summer Events

We're going to be at the Summer Tailgate on July 27th, look for us in the Rec Center! We will also be at FreshFusion (during the 3-day orientation), so make sure to stop by!

Additionally, we're working on plans for a “Welcome Week”, so stay tuned! You can join our Facebook group for updates.


Every Tuesday night we have a student-led Bible study at the Newman center starting at 7:00pm. Bible study usually lasts an hour, but a lot of us like to hang out and talk for a while afterward.

On Thursday night, we have Adoration or Apologetics at the Newman center (alternating weeks). Then we have Mass starting at 7:00pm. After Mass we have a quick meeting, then dinner prepared by student volunteers.

Other events

We have many other events throughout the school year, such as movie nights and dances.

Every year, we usually have Ash Wednesday Mass in the University Center or Student Union.